Vector Watches Are World Class Watches

Vector Watches Are World Class Watches


Vector watches are designed with various clients in mind. You can choose a classy watch for work or a reserved look if you are not too stylish. You can choose steel or leather bands. It is up to you. This is the amazing characteristic of Vector. You are allowed to customize your watch and the options are unlimited. Vector is highly recommended for all your watch needs. You don’t need to go anywhere else.

One of the outstanding features about Vector watches is they are always adding innovative features and ideas. Currently, the vector watches have  30-day battery life. You do this with a single charge using the magnetic, USB charge cable.




Vector also allow you to download Apps from the Vector App Store including social media apps, sleep trackers, alarms, calendars, and events. You can customize your watch further with Streams, areas on your watch dedicated for key contextual information such as time zones, calorie counters, stock market information, calendar events and social streams such as Facebook and Twitter.Watch Apps such as Uber, Music, Nest, Evernote, BBC, ESPN and The Economist are also present in the in-app store.The Store is continuously updated with many apps in development for Social, Music, Shopping, and Lifestyle.

Why is this app useful?

When you download the Vector Smartphone App, you can control your watch. You have all control over your smartwatch. Isn’t this amazing? You can customize with watch faces by choosing selected notifications and ‘streams’, all connected via low-energy Bluetooth.

With the app on your phone, you can get notified by your smart watch.The text messages and contact information are seamlessly relayed to your watch from your phone. You will receive a gentle vibration, this alerts you bout your notification. You don’t have to worry about privacy. The notification will only be displayed when you turn the watch towards you. After you simply flick your wrist to dismiss alerts and notifications. Very simple and very easy.


For more information on Vector App, you can visit the website