Trover’s World Class Photo App For Travel Addicts

Trover’s World Class Photo App For Travel Addicts

There is no need to hire a photographer when you travel. Trover is user-friendly photo app for both Android and Apple mobile devices. It allows you to capture memories as you travel.  You can share your memories and connect with people who have similar interest.

For iOS users, the application requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is not only compatible with an iPhone but iPad and iPod touch as well.For android users, the app can be downloaded on google play. It requires a 4.0 operating system and up. It is also free, don’t you just like free things?

The Trover app allows you to connect with other travelers and experts world wide. You can get valuable information directly from these experts. This is quite an efficient way to communicate with people across the globe. The knowledge gained will help you to learn about new places that you wish to visit and even prepare for it. You can know what to expect and where to visit when you arrive at your dream destination such as restaurants, parks, waterfalls, museums etc.




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Tover’s photo app is highly recommended because:
1.  You can access Geo-tagged photos from around the world with tips and recommendations from experts.
2. You can navigate your surroundings, you can browse cool stuff near your current location.

3. The Explore Tab allows you to see the world without traveling.The images are also obtained from the original sources.
4. The app allows you to plan and outline your travel goals by saving your dream places to your bucket list.

5. You can create a profile and share your photos, and connect with other travelers.

Just like Facebook or Pin interest you create a profile and you can get access to different unique locations in the world. You get vivid images and detailed description of the places you are interested in. Many users enjoy this app because they felt very connected without visiting their dream places. This app only focuses on traveling so if you are passionate about traveling this is definitely an app you need on your phone. You can visit Trover’s website for more information