SwappyDots Will Rescue You From Boredom

SwappyDots Will Rescue You From Boredom

Are you a fan of Candy Crush?

Do you want a new game to play while you are bored and waiting for an appointment?

If you are indeed a fan of Candy Crush you should definitely try SwappyDots. SwappyDots is a match3 puzzle game that contains brightly colored dots. You rearrange the dots in order to have three dots with the similar colors adjacent to each other. This results in an explosion when you get this formation and you score points.The game does not end there, you can also match four dots in order get bonus dots and more points. You can then proceed with matching bonus dots to get black dots.  That’s it? No, you can match black dots to increase your points tremendously. The method used to play this game is quite flexible. The difference between SwappyDots game and another swapping game is that it gives more options and allows users to be highly engaged. The game has 62 dots with different colors and one blank space.



Why choose SwappyDots?

  • The game consist of four different modes: Time, Step, Lightning Time, Lightning Step
  • The graphic design is sophisticated and eye-catching
  • The music and sounds are clear and audible
  • It has color blind mode
  • It is easy to control when you tap the dots or swipe
  • It is user-friendly and easy to navigate on whichever mode the user choose
  • Very fun  but also challenging at the same time
  • You can share your best score on the leader board and feel good about your accomplishments.
  • This game contains advertisements at intervals but you can pay a small fee for no advertisements.


With these awesome features, the game is also free of charge. You can download SwappyDots on App Store, Google Play, and Windows phone store. You can also  find more information on the website by visiting


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