Pros and Cons of Working Online

Pros and Cons of Working Online

Working online has been possible with the introduction of the internet. People can work as a Virtual Assistant, Content Writer, Social Media Manager and Customer Service Representative from the comfort of their home. If you are considering working online then you may want to deeply reflect and see if this is the right path for you.

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You don’t have to commute

You can avoid rush hour traffic when you work online. It gives you more time to do house chores before you begin working. You are not stressed about reaching work early and catching the early bus. You are more likely to start working on time when you work from home.


You spend quality time with family

You spend quality time with your family while working. You just have to balance your time well. Some women prefer to stay home with the kids and pursue a career from home. They get the advantages of both world and it prevents them from neglecting their motherly duties. They can get the kids ready for school and help them with homework. Instead of leaving their kids at the day-care they get to spend quality time and bond with the kids.


Save money

You don’t have to worry about transportation cost and lunch. You will save money as an online worker. You can cook your meals at home and eat on your break. You can save money on daycare as well.


You can work anywhere

You can travel and work at the same time. Working online does not restrict you geographically. This gives you the flexibility to do your travels while you work. In a traditional work environment, you have to report to the office every day and this prevents you from traveling and working anywhere in the world.



You can be easily distracted

If you are not careful, you can neglect your duties because you have no supervision. You have control over your break and you can do whatever you want. You have to be discipline and it can be a struggle. Instead of working you are on social media and gaming sites.


Less social interactions

You will have your family to interact with but that is not the only human interaction you need. You will miss having your employees to talk to about work and the difficult assignment you have. You will not be able to bond with a co-worker and talk about shared experiences. Your family may not understand your job as much as employees at work.


Internet dependent

Online work relies on the internet and if there is a power outage then you cannot work. This could affect your pay. You should consider having a generator should in case this happens.


Wrapping up

Working online has both advantages and disadvantages. You should reflect on these before you decide to work online. Working online gives you flexibility. You can work anywhere and spend quality time with the family. You have to have good time management skills and high motivation if you want to be successful with your online job.